Tuesday, 28 June 2011

@xTeamVictoria Reaches 10K!

Today on the 28th of June, Miss Chloe reached 10K!

She really deserves it!

We are sure Chloe is excited to having 10K.

I'm sure you are ALL following Chloe, but if you are not...

Please do here:!/xteamvictoria


Monday, 27 June 2011

@VictoriaJustice following fans ?

Yesterday , Victoria Justice had said on her ustream she was going to follow 2 people each week!
She recently followed @kennyc15 @victoriajxoxo @ibabyky & @thevjusticearmy! Congrats!
@VictoriaJustice had tweeted
'They have all been so incredibly supportive , loyal and kind. I will start my "Follow 2 a week" tomorrow :{)."
What do you think about Victoria following fans?

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ariana Grande's birthday! ♥

So today is the beautiful&talented Ariana Grande's birthday! I'm sure you all already knew. Last night Ariana celebrated her birthday by having a birthday party with everyone she loved INCLUDING some fans who won a competition which is truly amazing.♥

According to a fan that went to the party @FrankieAndAri the party was really good! There was alot of celebs there including the Victorious cast (except Victoria!) Drake & Josh but they weren't sitting together. Keke Palmer & Ashley Argota, Gibby from iCarly & even Iyaz! Ariana supposedly sang a few songs done a duet with Iyaz and also a duet with Graham Phillips. Ariana was explained to have looked beautiful (as always).
The night in all seemed like a brilliant night!

Now onto Ariana's birthday today!

The #ArianaArmy are trying their best to make Ariana's day special. Including presents & trending topics! Trendingtopics: #AG18 & #HappyBDayAriana .

The thing that alot of the Army have been making are videos! here a few of the fan favourites!

@AdoreUAriana's & @Jcupcakee's video project: it's very professional & you can tell alot of work went into it! it's a video montage with alot of things going on! it's truly magnificent.

@ArianaSparklesx birthday video: which is different from the rest&described in tweets by people as ''beautiful'' & some have described as the best birthday video for Ariana!

And also @ArianaCupcakex's video: which is alot like most birthday videos but very sweet!

Ariana deserves to see them all as they would all make her smile!

THE FEATURE GOES TO: @RedCupcakeee for her drawing of Ariana it's truly magnificent! very artistic, you have a true talent!

Happy birthday Ariana! have an awesome day! The #ArianaArmy loves you SO much.
Also happy birthday to the beautiful Jennette Mccurdy!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

@HookedOnAriana 's birthday & STILL getting hate?

As I'm sure you are all aware Caitlyn (@HookedOnAriana) has been getting alot of hate recently. Well today is her birthday and yes you would think those haters would ATLEAST have the respect to shut up & leave her alone for 1 day? Well no.

@HateElleCait ''@hookedonariana it's your birthday? I still hate you bitch''
@HookedOnAriana replied ''@HateElleCait treat me with respect.''

Yes the hater should treat Caitlyn with respect.

I think what's happening with all this hate is completely wrong & disrespectful.

Go show Caitlyn some love and tweet her a happy birthday on @HookedOnAriana .


New Twitter!

@ArianaSparklesx = founder.
@JCupcakeee = first co-owner
@Starrburst29 = second co-owner
@liveloveariana_ = third co-owner
@ariana_g_love = fourth co-owner.

Have made a brand new twitter named @Ariana500K1

The reason they have made this twitter, is to get the lovely @ArianaGrande to 500,000 followers on Twitter and to promote Ariana.

They are nearly up to 100 followers!

Their back-up is @Ariana500K2

Go follow them!

Win an Ariana Grande bracelet !

@FrankieAndAri is doing a Ariana Grande contest!
When she reaches 600 followers she will hold a give away contest once every month !
There will be only one winner , and that lucky winner will recieve a "Ariana Grande" or "Ariana Army" bracelet ! The bracelet will either be baby blue or pink!
You must live in the US to enter ! It's all free !
All you need to do is follow @FrankieAndAri !
So go follow @FrankieAndAri right now :) !

Interview with @ArianaCupcakex !

@ArianaCupcakex are you excited for Ariana Grande's birthday tomorrow?

@GrandeDiaries definetly!its gonna be so exciting! :D

@Arianacupcakex did you know it is also Jennette McCurdy's (Sam on iCarly) birthday too? :)

@GrandeDiaries yeap!i hope they both have a great day :]

@ArianaCupcakex haha okay! Have your summer holidays started yet? :}

@GrandeDiaries sadly,i don't have summer holidays in my country :(

@ArianaCupcakex aww that's a shame! :/ how would you describe your twitter in 3 words? :]

@GrandeDiaries my twitter in 3 words? mm.. dedicated to ariana :]

@ArianaCupcakex okay! Who is your twestie? (twitter best friend) :}

@GrandeDiaries @/AdorableArix3 and @/FrankieAndAri !!! <3 :D

@ArianaCupcakex good! (: and last but not least who do you think should be tweeter of the month on the site? {:

@GrandeDiaries umm.. @/ArianaSparklesx !

@ArianaCupcakex okay thank you! :] x

@GrandeDiaries welcome.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Guess Who Is The Birthday Princess Today?!

Yep! You guessed right! It is @xTeamVictoria (Chloe's) 14th Birthday!

With her 9,658 followers, she's had over 61 birthday messages from last night to this morning!

We wish her a very amazing happy birthday!

She tweeted:

i'm too lazy to reply to all of you lol but thankyou

Give Chloe a big happy birthday hug!

@AdoreUAriana Releases Cover Of The Lazy Song!

If you havent heard it already here is is! - her youtube! :)

We think she did a great job! What do you think? VVVVV

@TeamDemiLovato 's Drawing!

@TeamDemiLovato today released a drawing of Ariana Grande!

The comments have been such as...

Nice draw, She need to see it. :D

Wow thats SO good. @ would be surprised. Lol love it

IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! you are amazing! she has to see it! *-*

Demi and Ariana are similar. But this is totally Ariana! I love it!

She has received over 24 comments.

Would you like to comment?

So tell me tweeters, What do you think?! :)

Arianators Trending 'Ariana500k?'

Nearly over 100 twitters have been tweeting this in the half hour to an hour.

Many Arianators are hoping to trend 'Ariana500K' and get Ariana to 500,000!

Some haters are saying it is dumb and stupid,

But, it is VERY close to trending?

Write a comment if you are helping out on the trending?

@GrandeDiaries receiving hate too?

Earlier today, a hate account was made towards Abby, (@GrandeDiaries)

The accounts name is @AbbyHater.

He/She is probably a she, and has currently got 1 follower. Her 1 follower is another hate account for @GrandeFan4eva named @FUGrandeFan4eva.

Her first ever tweet was

'I Hate @GrandeDiaries' and was posted just over a hour ago.

Many people have defended Abby and have sent hate towards the hater.

She said she hates Abby because,

'Annoying, Ugly, Fat, Bitch, Whore and Fake.'

More news on this later...

STOP @AdoreUAriana HATE!

@AdoreUAriana is yet again recieving hate.

'im just a normal girl. singing is one of the things that I do on my free time. i love & support ariana. why hate on me...? i haven't done anything... i'm so thankful for everything ariana has done for me. & i'm so thankful for what my followers have done for me! i truly love you so much, thank you for everything! i just dont get that I, Elle Mcdowell. can get so much hate, for doing what i love to do... - Elle.


@IHateElleMcD - "i fuckin hate elle."

@ITSBURNBOOK - "Thinkin its a little bit funny how the most ppl in my timeline dont like @AdoreUAriana she is finally getting what she deserves..."

@ITSBURNBOOK - "i will hate @adoreuariana for ever and no one can change that! its a fact I HATE ELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

@ITSBURNBOOK - "@AdoreUAriana is a fucking fake bitch who has no life expecting everyone to do what she says boo you whore."

@ITSBURNBOOK - "Elle is a fucking fake bitch who manipulates everyone stupid whore!"

Think how a normal girl like Elle feels.

Please stop the hate and think for a moment..

What if that was you?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

@AdoreUAriana 's twitcam. :)


I am making a HUGE support twitter.

I need about 30 co-owners!

The support twitter supports,

Disney, (Selena, Demi, Miley, Jonas etc.)
Nickelodeon (Ariana, Victoria, BTR etc.)
Relevant stars (Justin, Katy, Rihana etc)
Or just any twitter (@AdoreUAriana, etc.)

If you would like to participate, go down to the comment section just below this post, and click 'Anoyamous'
and then type in into the comment who you support and your twitter username.

Example -


I support Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.


Vote For July's Tweeter Of The Month NOW!

As our previous TOTM, won to the famous @AdoreUAriana ,
we decided to have yet ANOTHER.

But we have added more people to vote for, and now, you can vote twice for two people you love!

The people running up...







@WeLoveLovato !!

GO GO GO! :)

@AdoreUAriana is Tweeter Of The Month!

This morning, Elle was awarded Tweeter Of The Month of June!

We are really proud, as she is very worthy to be our first Tweeter Of The Month! :}

With a whopping 103 votes!

If you want a chance to be August's TOTM, tweet me at @xjelenaariana !

Thank you for voting!


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Interview With @ArianaArmy5 !

@ArianaArmy5 ok now:} -What do you think about all the drama on twitter these days?

@xjelenaariana anymore q's?

@ArianaArmy5 how would you describe your twitter in 3 words? :}

@xjelenaariana friendly, dramatic, loving <3 [:

@ArianaArmy5 good! :} what part about twitter are your favourites, and what do you dislike about twitter?

@xjelenaariana my favourite part of twitter is the friendlyness! all the #arianator take you in and are so nice! but i dont like the dramaa[:

@ArianaArmy5 and what about the whole Victorians vs Arianators? :)

@xjelenaariana their bestfriends. no need to fight, like @ArianaGrande says plant love, grow peace <3

@ArianaArmy5 :} who is your favourite support twitter at the moment?

@xjelenaariana what do you mean?

@ArianaArmy5 what is your favourite twitter right now? :)

@xjelenaariana oh [: well celebrity- @ArianaGrande Non- @AmazaballAriana [:

@ArianaArmy5 thank you! :} and finally who are you voting for to be tweeter of the month? :)

@xjelenaariana i cant decide yet! it will be a suprise i guess.... [:

Interview With @xGypsyMiley!

@xGypsyMiley how does it feel your friend Elle is being hated? :}

@xjelenaariana It sickens me. She has done nothing wrong and she is not hurting anyone. I think its jealously ♥

@xGypsyMiley good! :} how would you describe your twitter in 3 words? :}

@xjelenaariana Crazy, fun, exciting :)

@xGypsyMiley and do you think you would ever let someone co-own your account?

@xjelenaariana erm, maybe. only if I trust them LOTS ♥

@xGypsyMiley who would it be?! :}

@xjelenaariana hmm, either @AdoreUAriana , @V_inWonderland , @jennyyo_ or @AriGotSwagg :) ♥

@xGypsyMiley good! :} would you ever delete your twitter account?

@xjelenaariana nope, never (: ♥

@xGyspyMiley who do you support on your account? :)

@xjelenaariana celebwise? ariana grande & miley cyrus. & friendwise ; EVERYONE :) ♥

@xGypsyMiley haha, :} and finally, who do you think should be tweeter of the month on the site? :)

@xjelenaariana my bestest friend, twitter mama & the coca-cola girl, @AdoreUAriana ♥

Interview With @GrandeDiaries !

@GrandeDiaries okay your interview will start now! :} --what made you change the name of your account? :}

@xjelenaariana I've always loved Ariana & The Vampire Diaries , but I felt in that username I was only showing my love for TVD.

@GrandeDiaries good! :} who is your twestie? :}

@xjelenaariana I don't acturally have one! I don't really want one because I have lots of great friends & I don't want them to feel left out.

@GrandeDiaries do you think there are any percific drama on twitter these days? :)

@xjelenaariana Yes.

@GrandeDiaries what would that be? :}

@xjelenaariana the whole 'Arianators vs Victorians' thing. Also Selena getting hated on.

@GrandeDiaries what do you think about arianators vs Victorians then? :}

@xjelenaariana I think it's silly. Ariana & Victoria are close friends and would hate to see us fighting.

@GrandeDiaries good! :) and finally, who do you think tweeter of the month on my site? :} (in my favourites)

@xjelenaariana I voted @xteamvictoria (chloe) her tweets will always make you smile.

@GrandeDiaries okay! :} thank you! xx

@xjelenaariana thank you for interviewing me , haha it was fun(:

Monday, 13 June 2011

Interview With @AdoreUAriana !

The lovely Elle Mcdowell let her ask us a few questions..

@AdoreUAriana ok, :} how does it feel that you have been burnbooked, and hated by a few people?

sometimes it's hard, but i have amazing followers who keep supporting me & i kinda like that haters spending time on me :)

lol, :} if you had to pick just three of your followers, who you think are amazing.. who would you pick? :)#

@xjelenaariana omg,that's hard! but first i would say , then hmm EVERYBODY ;) thihi

haha, :} the haters think you think you are a celeb, what do you think about that? :)

i know that i'm not a celeb, i have never said that & i'm not thinking i'm one! :)

@AdoreUAriana okay good, hehe. :} what was your first reaction when you saw this hate?

first i started to cry. haha but then realised haters are not worth this :) now, they are only making me stronger :)

@AdoreUAriana are you looking forward to try to block out the haters and support Ariana? :}

@xjelenaariana yes! ♥

@AdoreUAriana Stands Up To The Haters..

Earlier today, the famous Elle on twitter, (@AdoreUAriana) stood up to the haters, posting this video.
She has had a huge amount of income tweets, supporting her.

Recently there has been hate accounts made, and people even burn booked evil things towards her.

But we are glad Elle has finally stood up. In the video, she asks why she gets hate.. but later on she tweeted,


okey, they hate me cuz; they say i want to be ariana, they hate me cuz "i think i'm a celeb & cuz i have "fans" ♥ hahahahahahaha =)

Elle, the constant tweeter, from Sweden later had a tinychat.