Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ariana Grande's birthday! ♥

So today is the beautiful&talented Ariana Grande's birthday! I'm sure you all already knew. Last night Ariana celebrated her birthday by having a birthday party with everyone she loved INCLUDING some fans who won a competition which is truly amazing.♥

According to a fan that went to the party @FrankieAndAri the party was really good! There was alot of celebs there including the Victorious cast (except Victoria!) Drake & Josh but they weren't sitting together. Keke Palmer & Ashley Argota, Gibby from iCarly & even Iyaz! Ariana supposedly sang a few songs done a duet with Iyaz and also a duet with Graham Phillips. Ariana was explained to have looked beautiful (as always).
The night in all seemed like a brilliant night!

Now onto Ariana's birthday today!

The #ArianaArmy are trying their best to make Ariana's day special. Including presents & trending topics! Trendingtopics: #AG18 & #HappyBDayAriana .

The thing that alot of the Army have been making are videos! here a few of the fan favourites!

@AdoreUAriana's & @Jcupcakee's video project: it's very professional & you can tell alot of work went into it! it's a video montage with alot of things going on! it's truly magnificent.

@ArianaSparklesx birthday video: which is different from the rest&described in tweets by people as ''beautiful'' & some have described as the best birthday video for Ariana!

And also @ArianaCupcakex's video: which is alot like most birthday videos but very sweet!

Ariana deserves to see them all as they would all make her smile!

THE FEATURE GOES TO: @RedCupcakeee for her drawing of Ariana it's truly magnificent! very artistic, you have a true talent!

Happy birthday Ariana! have an awesome day! The #ArianaArmy loves you SO much.
Also happy birthday to the beautiful Jennette Mccurdy!

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