Monday, 13 June 2011

Interview With @AdoreUAriana !

The lovely Elle Mcdowell let her ask us a few questions..

@AdoreUAriana ok, :} how does it feel that you have been burnbooked, and hated by a few people?

sometimes it's hard, but i have amazing followers who keep supporting me & i kinda like that haters spending time on me :)

lol, :} if you had to pick just three of your followers, who you think are amazing.. who would you pick? :)#

@xjelenaariana omg,that's hard! but first i would say , then hmm EVERYBODY ;) thihi

haha, :} the haters think you think you are a celeb, what do you think about that? :)

i know that i'm not a celeb, i have never said that & i'm not thinking i'm one! :)

@AdoreUAriana okay good, hehe. :} what was your first reaction when you saw this hate?

first i started to cry. haha but then realised haters are not worth this :) now, they are only making me stronger :)

@AdoreUAriana are you looking forward to try to block out the haters and support Ariana? :}

@xjelenaariana yes! ♥


  1. I didnt like Elle up until this interview. Wow Elle, stay strong! you are amazing! LOVE this interview! xxxxxx

  2. I love this Interview! :) ♥