Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Interview With @GrandeDiaries !

@GrandeDiaries okay your interview will start now! :} --what made you change the name of your account? :}

@xjelenaariana I've always loved Ariana & The Vampire Diaries , but I felt in that username I was only showing my love for TVD.

@GrandeDiaries good! :} who is your twestie? :}

@xjelenaariana I don't acturally have one! I don't really want one because I have lots of great friends & I don't want them to feel left out.

@GrandeDiaries do you think there are any percific drama on twitter these days? :)

@xjelenaariana Yes.

@GrandeDiaries what would that be? :}

@xjelenaariana the whole 'Arianators vs Victorians' thing. Also Selena getting hated on.

@GrandeDiaries what do you think about arianators vs Victorians then? :}

@xjelenaariana I think it's silly. Ariana & Victoria are close friends and would hate to see us fighting.

@GrandeDiaries good! :) and finally, who do you think tweeter of the month on my site? :} (in my favourites)

@xjelenaariana I voted @xteamvictoria (chloe) her tweets will always make you smile.

@GrandeDiaries okay! :} thank you! xx

@xjelenaariana thank you for interviewing me , haha it was fun(:

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