Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Interview With @xGypsyMiley!

@xGypsyMiley how does it feel your friend Elle is being hated? :}

@xjelenaariana It sickens me. She has done nothing wrong and she is not hurting anyone. I think its jealously ♥

@xGypsyMiley good! :} how would you describe your twitter in 3 words? :}

@xjelenaariana Crazy, fun, exciting :)

@xGypsyMiley and do you think you would ever let someone co-own your account?

@xjelenaariana erm, maybe. only if I trust them LOTS ♥

@xGypsyMiley who would it be?! :}

@xjelenaariana hmm, either @AdoreUAriana , @V_inWonderland , @jennyyo_ or @AriGotSwagg :) ♥

@xGypsyMiley good! :} would you ever delete your twitter account?

@xjelenaariana nope, never (: ♥

@xGyspyMiley who do you support on your account? :)

@xjelenaariana celebwise? ariana grande & miley cyrus. & friendwise ; EVERYONE :) ♥

@xGypsyMiley haha, :} and finally, who do you think should be tweeter of the month on the site? :)

@xjelenaariana my bestest friend, twitter mama & the coca-cola girl, @AdoreUAriana ♥

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