Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Interview With @ArianaArmy5 !

@ArianaArmy5 ok now:} -What do you think about all the drama on twitter these days?

@xjelenaariana anymore q's?

@ArianaArmy5 how would you describe your twitter in 3 words? :}

@xjelenaariana friendly, dramatic, loving <3 [:

@ArianaArmy5 good! :} what part about twitter are your favourites, and what do you dislike about twitter?

@xjelenaariana my favourite part of twitter is the friendlyness! all the #arianator take you in and are so nice! but i dont like the dramaa[:

@ArianaArmy5 and what about the whole Victorians vs Arianators? :)

@xjelenaariana their bestfriends. no need to fight, like @ArianaGrande says plant love, grow peace <3

@ArianaArmy5 :} who is your favourite support twitter at the moment?

@xjelenaariana what do you mean?

@ArianaArmy5 what is your favourite twitter right now? :)

@xjelenaariana oh [: well celebrity- @ArianaGrande Non- @AmazaballAriana [:

@ArianaArmy5 thank you! :} and finally who are you voting for to be tweeter of the month? :)

@xjelenaariana i cant decide yet! it will be a suprise i guess.... [:

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