Saturday, 25 June 2011

Interview with @ArianaCupcakex !

@ArianaCupcakex are you excited for Ariana Grande's birthday tomorrow?

@GrandeDiaries definetly!its gonna be so exciting! :D

@Arianacupcakex did you know it is also Jennette McCurdy's (Sam on iCarly) birthday too? :)

@GrandeDiaries yeap!i hope they both have a great day :]

@ArianaCupcakex haha okay! Have your summer holidays started yet? :}

@GrandeDiaries sadly,i don't have summer holidays in my country :(

@ArianaCupcakex aww that's a shame! :/ how would you describe your twitter in 3 words? :]

@GrandeDiaries my twitter in 3 words? mm.. dedicated to ariana :]

@ArianaCupcakex okay! Who is your twestie? (twitter best friend) :}

@GrandeDiaries @/AdorableArix3 and @/FrankieAndAri !!! <3 :D

@ArianaCupcakex good! (: and last but not least who do you think should be tweeter of the month on the site? {:

@GrandeDiaries umm.. @/ArianaSparklesx !

@ArianaCupcakex okay thank you! :] x

@GrandeDiaries welcome.

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